Texto com som para treinar pronuncia #2

Resultado de imagem para study tumblr

''It was summer. Swim classes were beginning. She didn’t know how to swim. She wanted to learn. She called up the pool. “Do you teach adults how to swim?”, she asked.
The instructor said: “Yes, we teach adults how to swim. We teach kids how to swim. We teach everyone how to swim.”

She asked how much. “How much do you charge?”, she asked. “We charge only $25 for adults”, the instructor said.

She gave him her name. He put her name on the swim class list. “You are on the swim class list”, he said. “Your first lesson is Saturday at noon. Bring $25 and a towel”.

She asked: “That’s all I need to bring?”

He said: “I’m sorry. Bring your swimsuit, too.”



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